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Explore the principles of shamanic traditions and understand how the integration of shamanism with contemporary energy healing techniques gives rise to what I term "shamanics."

Shamanic holy site Peru

A Very Brief History of Shamanism

Shamanism, the world's oldest spiritual practice, serves as a bridge between the natural and supernatural realms. Its origins trace back thousands of years, woven into the fabric of diverse cultures across….

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candle of truth

Dispelling Five Myths about Shamanic Healing Therapy

Shamanic healing therapy, with its ancient roots and holistic approach, has gained increasing attention in recent years. However, like any transformative practice, it's not without its fair share of misconceptions. Let's delve into some of these….

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Religion and spirituality

Shamanism in Contrast to Mainstream Well-being and Spirituality

In the ever-expanding landscape of well-being and spirituality practices, shamanism stands as a distinctive and ancient path to holistic health and spiritual growth. Rooted in the wisdom of indigenous cultures, shamanism offers a perspective and approach….

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desert journey

Embarking on Your Shamanic Journey

In the realm of holistic healing, shamanic practices stand as a time-honored bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. With an intermediate understanding of energy healing, delving into shamanism offers a deeper and more transformative approach to well-being….

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Shamanic holy site Peru

The Elements of Shamanic Ceremonies

Shamanic ceremonies are intricate tapestries of ancient wisdom, woven with various elements to facilitate healing, transformation, and spiritual growth. Among the most potent tools employed are plants, crystals, music, and animals, each playing a distinct role in the sacred dance….

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Feeding The Spirit: Healthy Foods for Modern Shamanic Nutrition

Food transcends the boundaries of mere sustenance in shamanic traditions. It becomes a sacred practice, a way to honor the interplay between the physical and spiritual realms. This article delves into the key elements of shamanic nutrition, offering insights into the foods….

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ancient ceremony

The Sacred Significance of Ceremonies in Shamanic Healing Practice

At the heart of the ancient practice of shamanic healing lie ceremonies - sacred rituals that serve as powerful conduits for healing, connection, and self discovery.  In this article, we'll explore the key ceremonies in….

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Understanding Spirit Animals in Shamanic Healing

Central to the practice of shamanic healing is the belief that animals possess unique spiritual qualities and energies that can aid in the healing process. In this article, we will explore the role animals play….

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crystal energy



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  • "The Way of the Shaman" by Michael Harner

  • "Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self" by Sandra Ingerman

  • The Four Winds Society

  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies

  • The Society for Shamanic Practice

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