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Hi! I’m Gina, a certified Master Shamanic Energy Practitioner and founder of Stardust Shamanics. I’ve been a lifelong student of spirituality and consciousness, with my spiritual pursuits being the central focus of my life for several years. In my quest to find answers to some of the “big” spiritual and existential questions that many of us ponder, I’ve traveled all over the world, read every book I could get my hands on, meditated regularly since the age of 9, and explored several varieties of plant medicine. The questions I asked myself are probably similar to the questions you have, questions like: “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose in life?” “How can I make the world a better place?” and “How can I find meaning in this world, despite all of its problems, conflict, injustice and inequality?”

As part of my spiritual journey, I experienced a series of synchronicities and coincidences causing me to eventually stumble upon the Four Winds Society’s Shamanic Energy Healing program led by the incomparable Alberto Villoldo. Feeling guided by my intuition, I enrolled in their intense 6-month course despite its substantial cost and time commitment, because somehow I knew that this course would help me find the answers to some of those big questions, and provide me with guidance for finding and pursuing my life purpose. And- as I expected- the course taught me more than I dreamed possible about shamanic practices and healing modalities and provided me with a new mission —to help my clients find their own path to healing so that they may live lives full of joy and vitality.

As part of the Four Winds course, I learned the techniques used by the native peoples of Central and South America to aid in the healing of our energetic bodies and the rejuvenation of our spirits. I am now able to use those same ancient techniques – together with a few modern spins- to help my clients heal their damaged spirits and move towards a life of clarity, joy and well-being. The healing techniques I use include energy body illuminations, extraction of intrusive energies, sound therapy and (my favorites!) soul and destiny retrievals, among other things. After a free personal consultation with each client, I work with them to determine what modalities would be most effective for their particular situation. At its core, these healing modalities are designed to make you more aware of who you REALLY are- - and you are an essential component of the Universe, an important part of *all that is*, not limited by your human “stories” and backgrounds. Your healing will help you see that you are so much more than you realize- and so is everyone and everything around you. This new appreciation for your own role in the Universe, and the understanding that your experiences, and your challenges, are also part of your personal journey, should give your life new meaning and provide a joyful foundation for your future.


Scenes from Peru

Gina DellaVecchia Lake Titicaca Peru
Gina DellaVecchia Peru
Gina DellaVecchia Peru


Gina DellaVecchia Peru
Gina DellaVecchia and Father Peru

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